Common Questions

On what exchange is Sunstone Hotel Investors' stock traded?

Description NYSE Ticker Symbol CUSIP Number
Common Stock SHO 867892101
Series H Preferred Stock SHO-PH 867892804
Series I Preferred Stock SHO-PI 867892887
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Whom should I contact for additional information about my stockholder account, such as a change of address or lost stock certificates?

For shareholder inquiries, including change of name, address or telephone number, canceling or issuing stock certificates, and resolving problems related to lost, destroyed, or stolen certificates, please contact our transfer agent:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11219

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How can I buy shares of Sunstone Hotel Investors’ stock?

You can purchase shares of Sunstone Hotel Investors' stock through any licensed brokerage firm.

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Can I purchase Sunstone Hotel Investors' stock directly from the Company?

No, Sunstone Hotel Investors does not have a direct stock purchase plan. Sunstone Hotel Investors' stock must be purchased through a licensed brokerage firm.

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What are Sunstone Hotel Investors’ corporate governance policies?

Click here to review our corporate governance policies.

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How can I contact the Investor Relations Department at Sunstone Hotel Investors?

Sunstone Hotel Investors' Investor Relations department can be reached at the following:

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How can I get a copy of Sunstone Hotel Investors’ latest annual and quarterly reports?

Click here to view our latest annual and quarterly reports online.

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Who is your independent Registered public Accounting Firm?

Sunstone Hotel Investors' independent accountant is Ernst & Young LLP.

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When does Sunstone Hotel Investors’ fiscal year end?

The Company’s fiscal year end is December 31.

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