To make your journey remarkable.

Sequoia Hospitality

Sunstone Hotel Investors
Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier stewards of capital in the lodging industry, providing superior returns to our shareholders by investing in hotels where we can add value through capital investment, hotel repositioning, and asset management. In addition, we seek to capitalize on our portfolio's embedded value and balance sheet strength to actively recycle past investments into new growth and value creation opportunities in order to deliver strong shareholder returns and superior per-share NAV growth.


To Be Expert Stewards

We are stewards of our shareholders' capital. In fulfilling that mission, we apply a relentless focus on growing our per-share earnings and NAV in order to provide superior risk-adjusted returns on their investment.

To Be Hospitable

We create atmospheres where travelers want to be, rather than have to be. Hospitality, inclusivity, and integrity are essential elements in achieving our mission.

To Do What Is Right

Enduring success is built on a foundation of integrity, ethics, and a commitment to the world in which we live. We employ shareholder-friendly corporate governance, ethically interact with all stakeholders, and endeavor to minimize our environmental footprint by reducing resource consumption, carbon emissions, and waste.

To Create Something Special

Exceptional outcomes cannot be achieved by following ordinary practices. Instead, we take a lifecycle approach to hotel investment that maximizes our ability to create value during our period of ownership and then opportunistically dispose of the hotel to harvest gains, realize that value, and then seek to redeploy the proceeds into new growth opportunities.

Corporate Values